Derrick Lanois, PhD is from Memphis, TN and received his BA in History and a minor in African and African American Studies from the University of Memphis. He continued education there earning a MA in Liberal Studies with a specialization in African American History and Culture and a MA in Journalism focusing on social media, new media, documentary filmmaking, and African Americans in the media. At Georgia State University, he received a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies with a focus on Black Feminisms, Womanism, and Black Masculinities as well as a PhD in History focusing on African Americans since enslavement. His dissertation utilized womanism to analyze the Black masculinities of Prince Hall Affiliated Freemasonry in the Jim Crow South, winning the John M. Matthews Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2014. During his graduate training, he was trained in oral history at the University of Memphis and folklore at Georgia State University. He was trained in digital storytelling at the Academic Learning Transformation Lab at Virginia Commonwealth University as part of his faculty professional development.